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Power To The Peaceful

I awoke this morning thinking about tension. I have been training myself to go to the vibration of joy first thing in the morning. I awoke out of a stress dream this morning and shifted myself remembering all the things I am grateful for and how lucky I am. I started recalling all the things I learned in tense circumstances. Tension pulls us into new directions. I have stopped drinking alcohol even though this culinary genius loves fine wine. I miss it as a spice or flavor in my world but I am loving the clarity that comes from not dumbing down my inner radar. I have noticed a little more tension pushing me forward since I stopped. Can we use that friction as a positive force for change? Can we successfully change without friction?
We think of meditation as a source of inner peace. There is another aspect of being tuned in and turned on, and I call it receiving my instructions. If you are not dialed in you will not recognize that this is the real tension happening within the unconscious self. Without tension we have no force to push us forward. We all have a desire to move forward. We experience it as desire while it appears differently for each of us. The universe is expanding, never truly contracting. When we work against the universal flow, we know it.
What I really seek in life is power to the peaceful but can peace and power exist within one action? I there such a thing as peaceful civil disobedience? Coming into this life with Revolution in my Unconscious Sun (Human Design), makes me a force of change on planet. No one would consciously choose to sit with me if they did not possess within themselves a desire to grow. We cannot grow without changing what is. There is a certain tension created when breaking a pattern. Many will perceive it as resistance. Think of the resistance you are experiencing to the status quo. Are you wanting to make a positive change? Do you want to Quit Smoking, Dump Marijuana, Quit Drinking, Go to the Gym, Successfully adhere to a food plan? How do we do that without Uranus stirring it up and breaking through the cages we build around ourselves?power to the peaceful
I am feeling very positive about tracking my food and drink again. I am loving what I am learning about myself by making a conscious choice to align with my unconscious revolution. Is it comfortable? No, not in every moment. By giving my body this break in the pesticides in wine, and drinking water and brewed herbal teas, I am breaking through a habit I have formed that was dumbing down my radar. Uranus is the part of us that moves us forward by breaking our cages. It can feel like free falling into a new reality.
When we take it out to our community, we can ask ourselves, this tension we are experiencing, how is it pushing us towards a greater understanding of who we are as a collective? The revolution is ON! It is happening within ourselves, within our families, within our society, within our government. If it is happening in our world we are creating it, and if we break it down and make it a little more personal, the revolution raging outside of ourselves is a collective consciousness asking for expansion. I am unconsciously ruled by Uranus. I am here to Shake Up the Status Quo! That might require some tense moments. Today I am grateful for tension because it helps me to align to the truth of who I AM. Power to the Peaceful! May we walk in beauty. May we walk in peace.fall photo

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Wednesday Meditation 7pm

Start Healing Now has teamed up with healer friends Massage and Reiki Professional Tyann Lynden, Acupuncturist Bianca Clayton, and Massage Therapist Lisa Essence Brant at The Healing Collective 1264 Higuera Street, Suite 102 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. I am starting the Wednesday Evening Meditation and Healing Clinic Sept 6, 2017. Please join on Wednesdays at 7pm. Alexandra Steinicke will be offering Healing Sessions, Clairvoyant Training, and Spiritual Counseling on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, And some after hours sessions. Skype or Telephone Sessions will be available on Wed mornings, and Thursday Afternoons.


Best Laid Plans


Falling In Love With The Beloved



Falling In Love With The Beloved

I have returned from Mendocino Sufi Camp understanding what an honor it is to be a manager on staff with them. May I serve them for the rest of my life! I got no sleep or what we normally think of as sleep. Every night I took soul walks, which is the experience of being asleep but completely awake.  In one Darshan I had with Hazarat Inayat Khan, he pulled a curtain off my third eye and all I can see now when I close my eye’s is pure light. I am to be initiated into the Sufi Order. It was all I could do to not be completely in love everyone and one really had me confused ,  but I knew it was just the heart opening and it had nothing to do with him, or us personally.  Praise Allah! I was conscious that this was a lesson about objectifying love.

Pir Shabda Khan was doing well and that was a wonderful thing to see, hear, feel and know.

I will be writing about wearing a veil in high spiritual practices, in short: I was going to the dance hall and opening up WIDE, then heading to the kitchen (where in the first few days everyone became needy little children, including me.) and people were throwing barbs (not knowing they were doing it), into my chakras. Mary,  a delightful zikr teacher at camp,  told me I needed to be wearing a hat for protection. Asha went about finding me one. Richard the camp Director offered me the hat off is head. (What an honor!)  I wore it for a day and it protected my crown chakra. Then it became a game and people offered me their hats as the news spread I needed protection. When I got grounded enough to look around my belongings and found a billibandana and a white scarf. I put on the white scarf and never took it off. It turned out to be the biggest tool I had. I understand why women wear veils. Although it has been somehow perverted in some societies, under that veil I was with Mother Mary and her court.

In the 7 am zikr and meditation (the jewel in heart of camp) I was receiving audience with the Divine Hazarat Inayat Khan. I am clear beyond clear who my teacher is now.

The kitchen underwent a transformation and the cooks who had been there long time were commenting how easy it was and how grounded the kitchen was. We needed far less people in the kitchen. I learned to be a manager and not a doer, so I didn’t do much cooking. It was a stressful experience in the beginning. I lost it, packed my things, was preparing to leave and come home. Thankfully, we had a camp counselor and three others who ran up the hill and talked me through everything that was coming up, and I stayed.  Some boundaries were established. First, no one could complain to me, they could complain or talk about their dietary needs to Rahim, and he could talk to me. It was nice to have the buffer. Second, I would elect a shift leader for each meal, give them instructions, then go to class with a walkie talkie. They would come get me if they needed me. Holy Cow! What a great experience learning to delegate. When everyone adjusted to the change the kitchen got easier and easier , like boiling water. I hope a get to do it again next year. I am just starting to figure it out.

I have a new song to share. You are a Child of the Universe.  I have zikr running round and round my being, Huuuuuuu Allah.

I am reminding myself I don’t need to run off and move to Sebastapol, it was all I could do to keep driving after going through my old neighborhood in San Franciso. I am hoping that will pass, I don’t think Horst can take me running off again!!!

Mendo for me was a pressure cooker. I cried, I cried, I cried, I cried, I laughed, I cried. It was intense. I can’t wait to be with my family again. I miss them already. Hu Allah, Hu Allah, Hu Allah, Hu.

Understanding Chakras

Start Healing Now

Start Healing Now

Understanding Chakras

Starting Tuesday , September 13, 2016

7:00  pm

For Intuitive Healing Development

8 Consecutive Tuesdays

Facilitated by: Alexandra Steinicke, Intuitive

The Basics


Finding the Third Eye

Cultivating Certainty

Creating A Transparent Body

Chakras Introduction

Chakras Clearing

Transmuting Negative Energies

Healing Masters and Guides

Mental Images


8 Weeks! With opportunities to continue onward….

$325 or monthly installments of $175.00 which will include

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Inner Peace Meditation

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Jane, Get Me Off This CRAZY Thing

Energetic resistance is your body’s way of saying take care of me. We humans often perceive these signals as a time to halt or slow down growth. We do things like resist our meditation, eat sugar, drink alcohol, stop showing up for classes, ect. Likely, it is a time to eat good food and kick up our exercise and do the things that really help. What we need most is deep and prolonged times of meditation and contemplation to unlock our innermost underlying desires. I tried to quit my schooling along the way, and fortunately my teachers advised me to work through my resistance and double up my classes until I caught up on what I had missed. I did what they told me. I am happier today as a result of working through it, rather than running from it. Whatever “it” was at the time.

I give myself permission to Grow.

Green as an energetic healing color is supremely helpful when you are feeling stuck. While it may not be immediately apparent, the slow down in activity is reluctance to take the next step in an ever changing World. Has time seemed to speed up for you? Are your lessons coming very fast? My teacher Sri Kaleshwar, who recently left his body, taught me, that ancient Indian teachings say we are in the most difficult of times, yet traveling through this difficult time in history at an amazingly fast rate.

For more information study the Kali Yuga:

Lessons are likely coming one right after another. We are all spinning together as we speed towards Winter Solstice 2012. At this time, we will reach one of the lowest points in human history, according to the Kali Yuga, and start the journey upwards towards easier times. Hang on it is an amazing ride.

In Clairvoyant Training we have a process called clearing our path. We see a path in front of us in the form of nature and let obstacles come up that occur naturally in nature settings. We ask ourselves with each block to show us what that obstacle represents in our thinking. Then using our tool belt that has been built step by step in earlier classes, we remove these blocks. We keep working with our path until it is clear as far as the eye can see.

Resistance to our spiritual path has been written about for a very long time and there is reference to it in one of my favorite passages from the Bible about the farmer sowing his seeds. Ask yourself are you falling prey to some common mind traps? Are you stopping because you are resisting being grounded?

Is it painful to be one with what your mind is creating right now? Is someone else in your life judging you for the true path you are on? Are you letting other peoples opinions have bearing on the path you choose?Are creating the mind set that money is the problem? Does your love for the material path far outweigh the depths of your soul’s journey? If you answered YES to any of these, then welcome to the fast pace reality of the modern human. If you the rare person that can answer NO to these questions, my hat is off to you. I imagine you are enjoying the ease at which you are gliding through the illusion of reality.


From Frank Townsend:

I am sufficient for myself,

There is nothing in this world I am afraid of,

There is nothing I need;

Nothing which I do not already possess;

Nothing which I am not already master of;

Nothing which I do not already understand,

I am free.

I love life.

All experience is my friend,

And I am utterly content

Thus sings my soul.

And if sometimes her words sound faint to me, Shall I not write them down while they

are clear?

May we all have a sparkling green path of growth today and in times of resistance, may we remember to rest and rebuild. May we allow ourselves to meditate daily to remember our simple daily instructions. May we know peace. 

Letting Go of Perfection

When someone puts you on a pedestal, the moment you reveal yourself as human, or not wanting to or capable of meeting their expectations, they may react with reducing your value in their eyes. The higher they hold you as a powerful being, the farther they may drop their opinion of you. For every action there is an equal reaction. It is often said that those you love you will eventually hate. It is tragic but this happens many of our relationships. It is a wonderful opportunity to accept your fellow humans as they are not as you want them to be.

We are being reminded that holding someone high above you is giving away your God given power to an objectified source.  We must be mindful of seeing our fellow humans as perfect or imperfect. It is almost certain that if we see another as perfect, they will with some eventuality reveal themselves as imperfect.  None of us reach that lofty goal of perfection in life. It is simply impossible. We are all in this wonderful boat together, surfing the Sea of Existence in a perpetual state of trial and effort, successes and failures, all in one great experiment called loving. They way we judge ultimately out pictures in what we find ourselves saying about other people. We can it all around by asking ourselves: Is it true? Does it need to be said? How does it make you feel to believe that about someone else? Can you let it go? How does it feel to keep that belief?  (For more: Read Loving What Is by Bryron Katie)

When we look into each other’s eyes, we can see the grace that exists in the fabric of everything. Especially true when we are open to others through the view of lover. We are mirrors for one another.  A loving heart will see another loving heart. A mistrusting heart will see mistrust in others, ect. In the shimmering beauty we give each other reason to reveal our true selves. The mirror will not always reflect what we want to see about ourselves. It will always reflect the truth of our inner talk. Often it is easier to see in another person. Then we start thinking that so and so is our problem. The ripple always truly exists in our own judgment as it relates to the story we are telling ourselves.

It helps to have a few tools in your back pocket for self acceptance. I like The Twelve Pathways to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr.  This is pathway #6: I accept myself completely here and now and consciously experience everything I feel, think, say, and do (including my emotion backed addictions) as a necessary part of my growth into higher consciousness.

The author Neal Donald Walsh has given us a lovely children’s book called The Little Soul and the Sun. This book furthers this discussion in a most delightful way. It reminds us of the roles we play with each other by playing out our soul contracts with each other. We are often asking to others “Reveal myself to me”.  We do this in many different forms.  Often the words come out “I love you” or “I hate you”. Everything that seems to happen to us is an out picturing of our own play. When people are not playing according to the role you have written for them, perhaps they know not of the script. People who love harmony will want to please you, but we simply cannot do that if our own inner harmony is triggered by other core needs. We contract others to play these roles of savior, villain, lover, ect….

Think back on the last time someone was upset with you. Were they really upset with you? Were their expectations being met? How were they asking please…? In times when haven’t heard clearly the request of another, and instead heard what they said as shaming or blaming, we can go back and ask ourselves some questions. Until we can honestly hear the beauty within the request, we cannot respond in a way in which everyone’s needs are beautifully met. Meditation is the remedy to provide a clear space to hear things differently and connect in a heart space within. From this calm and loving attunement opens a world of self love and forgiveness.  For more read: Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg PH.d.

Anything offered or received with an open heart will be a blessing for the giver or receiver. For every drop of Love we give each other, there will also be droplets of things less sweet. In every moment of connection we remember the truth, but for the moments of disconnection, recognizing the imperfection within all of us, it is helpful to remember Ho’ oponopono forgiveness

May you have harmony in all your relations!

New Clairvoyant Training Class San Luis Obispo, Ca

New Clairvoyant Training Class

For Intuitive Healing Development

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For 8 Consecutive Wednesdays 6 pm

Facilitated by: Alexandra Steinicke, Intuitive

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Starting March 30, 2016

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