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Jane, Get Me Off This CRAZY Thing

Energetic resistance is your body’s way of saying take care of me. We humans often perceive these signals as a time to halt or slow down growth. We do things like resist our meditation, eat sugar, drink alcohol, stop showing up for classes, ect. Likely, it is a time to eat good food and kick up our exercise and do the things that really help. What we need most is deep and prolonged times of meditation and contemplation to unlock our innermost underlying desires. I tried to quit my schooling along the way, and fortunately my teachers advised me to work through my resistance and double up my classes until I caught up on what I had missed. I did what they told me. I am happier today as a result of working through it, rather than running from it. Whatever “it” was at the time.

I give myself permission to Grow.

Green as an energetic healing color is supremely helpful when you are feeling stuck. While it may not be immediately apparent, the slow down in activity is reluctance to take the next step in an ever changing World. Has time seemed to speed up for you? Are your lessons coming very fast? My teacher Sri Kaleshwar, who recently left his body, taught me, that ancient Indian teachings say we are in the most difficult of times, yet traveling through this difficult time in history at an amazingly fast rate.

For more information study the Kali Yuga:

Lessons are likely coming one right after another. We are all spinning together as we speed towards Winter Solstice 2012. At this time, we will reach one of the lowest points in human history, according to the Kali Yuga, and start the journey upwards towards easier times. Hang on it is an amazing ride.

In Clairvoyant Training we have a process called clearing our path. We see a path in front of us in the form of nature and let obstacles come up that occur naturally in nature settings. We ask ourselves with each block to show us what that obstacle represents in our thinking. Then using our tool belt that has been built step by step in earlier classes, we remove these blocks. We keep working with our path until it is clear as far as the eye can see.

Resistance to our spiritual path has been written about for a very long time and there is reference to it in one of my favorite passages from the Bible about the farmer sowing his seeds. Ask yourself are you falling prey to some common mind traps? Are you stopping because you are resisting being grounded?

Is it painful to be one with what your mind is creating right now? Is someone else in your life judging you for the true path you are on? Are you letting other peoples opinions have bearing on the path you choose?Are creating the mind set that money is the problem? Does your love for the material path far outweigh the depths of your soul’s journey? If you answered YES to any of these, then welcome to the fast pace reality of the modern human. If you the rare person that can answer NO to these questions, my hat is off to you. I imagine you are enjoying the ease at which you are gliding through the illusion of reality.


From Frank Townsend:

I am sufficient for myself,

There is nothing in this world I am afraid of,

There is nothing I need;

Nothing which I do not already possess;

Nothing which I am not already master of;

Nothing which I do not already understand,

I am free.

I love life.

All experience is my friend,

And I am utterly content

Thus sings my soul.

And if sometimes her words sound faint to me, Shall I not write them down while they

are clear?

May we all have a sparkling green path of growth today and in times of resistance, may we remember to rest and rebuild. May we allow ourselves to meditate daily to remember our simple daily instructions. May we know peace. 

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This morning at the gym while on the Elliptical Trainer, I closed my eyes to meditate a bit. I often do this to distract myself from the things I that I react to with annoying thoughts like people watching me. I find when I meditate while I am working out my exertion climbs effortlessly and my heart rate stays steady. The machine I was using today was facing a wall of mirrors. Before I closed my eyes I remember noticing my head bobbing up and down. This particular meditation was really wonderful. I had loads of  cosmic gold vibrations through me. I could see the grid that connects us all and pass pure love through it. It felt amazing, soft, peaceful, and energizing. When I opened my eyes all appearance of me had vanished. Everything else in the Gym was still there, but there was absolutely no appearance of me in the mirror.  There was no head bobbing up and down. In fact no me at all. The machine was still moving but there appeared to be no one on it.  I pinched myself. I opened and shut my eyes. Nothing changed it. All appearance of me was gone.

After a few minutes I reappeared. All the while this was occurring, I felt nothing but pure love and my energy was nothing but a river of golden light. There was no me but I could see the connection that binds everything into our reality. When we as human beings can see this, we truly understand there it nothing for any of us to do except be love.

This one is for Mark Cicone and Christine Story who have asked me to start righting down these experiences for the benefit of all who believe.