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Power To The Peaceful

I awoke this morning thinking about tension. I have been training myself to go to the vibration of joy first thing in the morning. I awoke out of a stress dream this morning and shifted myself remembering all the things I am grateful for and how lucky I am. I started recalling all the things I learned in tense circumstances. Tension pulls us into new directions. I have stopped drinking alcohol even though this culinary genius loves fine wine. I miss it as a spice or flavor in my world but I am loving the clarity that comes from not dumbing down my inner radar. I have noticed a little more tension pushing me forward since I stopped. Can we use that friction as a positive force for change? Can we successfully change without friction?
We think of meditation as a source of inner peace. There is another aspect of being tuned in and turned on, and I call it receiving my instructions. If you are not dialed in you will not recognize that this is the real tension happening within the unconscious self. Without tension we have no force to push us forward. We all have a desire to move forward. We experience it as desire while it appears differently for each of us. The universe is expanding, never truly contracting. When we work against the universal flow, we know it.
What I really seek in life is power to the peaceful but can peace and power exist within one action? I there such a thing as peaceful civil disobedience? Coming into this life with Revolution in my Unconscious Sun (Human Design), makes me a force of change on planet. No one would consciously choose to sit with me if they did not possess within themselves a desire to grow. We cannot grow without changing what is. There is a certain tension created when breaking a pattern. Many will perceive it as resistance. Think of the resistance you are experiencing to the status quo. Are you wanting to make a positive change? Do you want to Quit Smoking, Dump Marijuana, Quit Drinking, Go to the Gym, Successfully adhere to a food plan? How do we do that without Uranus stirring it up and breaking through the cages we build around ourselves?power to the peaceful
I am feeling very positive about tracking my food and drink again. I am loving what I am learning about myself by making a conscious choice to align with my unconscious revolution. Is it comfortable? No, not in every moment. By giving my body this break in the pesticides in wine, and drinking water and brewed herbal teas, I am breaking through a habit I have formed that was dumbing down my radar. Uranus is the part of us that moves us forward by breaking our cages. It can feel like free falling into a new reality.
When we take it out to our community, we can ask ourselves, this tension we are experiencing, how is it pushing us towards a greater understanding of who we are as a collective? The revolution is ON! It is happening within ourselves, within our families, within our society, within our government. If it is happening in our world we are creating it, and if we break it down and make it a little more personal, the revolution raging outside of ourselves is a collective consciousness asking for expansion. I am unconsciously ruled by Uranus. I am here to Shake Up the Status Quo! That might require some tense moments. Today I am grateful for tension because it helps me to align to the truth of who I AM. Power to the Peaceful! May we walk in beauty. May we walk in peace.fall photo

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