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Clairvoyant training is designed to develop your natural intuitive ability. Through a series of weekly meditations you are provided new information and skills to begin a lifelong practice of daily meditation. Anyone can take Clairvoyant training instruction. Depending on your previous experience and inner willingness, you will proceed at a pace that is in agreement with your body, spirit, and external circumstances. Our average student completes the program in two years. A new student is required to commit to not less than eight weeks of basic instruction. Beyond the initial eight weeks a student can withdraw from the program at any time. Below you will find an example of our curriculum.

The instruction starts in private training. When you are ready to practice healing techniques on others your instruction will move to classroom instruction and you will be required to attend a weekly healing circle as part of your instruction. All students follow the same curriculum and all students start at the beginning regardless of previous experience. Training fees are currently $175.00 per month and include four sessions per month. Training can be obtained either in person or by phone in  San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93405(805) 602-7711

In the First Eight Weeks We Teach:

Sample Meditation

The Basics


Finding the Third Eye

Cultivating Certainty

Creating A Transparent Body

Chakras Introduction

Chakras Clearing

Transmuting Negative Energies

Healing Masters and Guides

Mental Images


Join Us! When the student is ready, The teacher appears!

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