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Like Energy Attracts Like Energy

Above all is not to fear, not to fear at all. These are words from one of my favorite songs from the Dances of Universal Peace. On the Central Coast there is a wonderful group that practices processes from the Dances Of Universal Peace through monthly dances and regular Peace Choir singing meditations. We explore silence.  This is just one of the ways I remove fear from my daily reality.

Fear is part of the process for all of us and controls every thought for some leading to ever-growing states of anxiety. We humans, and in particular American Humans, have an innate ability to see what is missing rather than what is here.  We sometimes see what could exist rather than being one with existence. In fact many do not believe it possible to live in the absence of fear or have never had the experience of Universal Peace. We can’t create anything but lack from lack. Like energy is attracted to itself. Change your focus and change your reality.

Fear is the absence of inner peace. It is our internal signal that we are no longer grounded in the here and now.  Some part of us has told ourselves we are not enough, or we haven’t enough, leaving behind the question: What is enough? Is enough having the right job? Is enough having the right house? Is enough having the right mate? How much is enough money in your bank account?

There are only two states of consciousness to choose from. We can live from the bliss that exists in everything or the fear that exists in the Human race. Fear has one purpose. It extends life in times when we need to act quickly to sustain our safety or well being. If so simple, why has it gotten out of control in our minds and hearts? Why do so many people live with anxiety? How do we stop the constant loop of fearful thoughts?

We are taught that money makes the world go round. This is a false material belief. A grand belief in lack is born and multiplied through media sources. We are not lacking. We live in the richest nation in the World. Most everyone I know lives in California which is one of the richest states in the United States.  A good percentage of the people I know live on the Central Coast in the happiest place in the Nation according to Oprah (who lives in neighboring Santa Barbara County):

I have witnessed people who own nothing and couch surf to people who have millions of dollars and live in big houses on the hill. Fear is fear. It knows nothing of your everyday lifestyle or your everyday bank balance. In one day,  a person I work with will be freaking out over needing $35 to cover a check,  and as I move on,  the next person may be $3500 over budget and wondering where they are going to come up with the next mortgage payment. It is exactly the same energy just different numbers or different lifestyles. Everything created from fear will manifest with fear. Everything created from love will manifest with love. In every circumstance, one has the choice.

It has been interesting traveling through the U.S. and seeing the common threads running through the people, Folks are choosing fear and scarcity.  It is all too easy to become one of the sleeping humans, not aware that they are choosing the scarcity. They choose it by repeating the thought over and over not enough. By repeating that thought we choose it,  and the Universe gets behinds it and delivers. We want to focus on being awake and ready at all times.

We all have the power to choose a different thought, and one of the ways we change our thinking is by meditating. Please feel free to download a free meditation Another way is to daily affirm a new reality:

Today I take stock of what I have. I see prosperity in everything.

Much Love,

Alexandra Steinicke, Intuitive

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This morning at the gym while on the Elliptical Trainer, I closed my eyes to meditate a bit. I often do this to distract myself from the things I that I react to with annoying thoughts like people watching me. I find when I meditate while I am working out my exertion climbs effortlessly and my heart rate stays steady. The machine I was using today was facing a wall of mirrors. Before I closed my eyes I remember noticing my head bobbing up and down. This particular meditation was really wonderful. I had loads of  cosmic gold vibrations through me. I could see the grid that connects us all and pass pure love through it. It felt amazing, soft, peaceful, and energizing. When I opened my eyes all appearance of me had vanished. Everything else in the Gym was still there, but there was absolutely no appearance of me in the mirror.  There was no head bobbing up and down. In fact no me at all. The machine was still moving but there appeared to be no one on it.  I pinched myself. I opened and shut my eyes. Nothing changed it. All appearance of me was gone.

After a few minutes I reappeared. All the while this was occurring, I felt nothing but pure love and my energy was nothing but a river of golden light. There was no me but I could see the connection that binds everything into our reality. When we as human beings can see this, we truly understand there it nothing for any of us to do except be love.

This one is for Mark Cicone and Christine Story who have asked me to start righting down these experiences for the benefit of all who believe.

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Clairvoyant training is designed to develop your natural intuitive ability. Through a series of weekly meditations you are provided new information and skills to begin a lifelong practice of daily meditation. Anyone can take Clairvoyant training instruction. Depending on your previous experience and inner willingness, you will proceed at a pace that is in agreement with your body, spirit, and external circumstances. Our average student completes the program in two years. A new student is required to commit to not less than eight weeks of basic instruction. Beyond the initial eight weeks a student can withdraw from the program at any time. Below you will find an example of our curriculum.

The instruction starts in private training. When you are ready to practice healing techniques on others your instruction will move to classroom instruction and you will be required to attend a weekly healing circle as part of your instruction. All students follow the same curriculum and all students start at the beginning regardless of previous experience. Training fees are currently $175.00 per month and include four sessions per month. Training can be obtained either in person or by phone in  San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93405(805) 602-7711

In the First Eight Weeks We Teach:

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Finding the Third Eye

Cultivating Certainty

Creating A Transparent Body

Chakras Introduction

Chakras Clearing

Transmuting Negative Energies

Healing Masters and Guides

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