Clairvoyant Training For Beginners

Clairvoyant Training helps you to understand yourself. We are all body, mind, and spirit. We are taught in school to take care of our body by bathing, brushing our teeth, eating well, and getting enough exercise. One must go to church to learn about your spirit. Many of us were not all that thrilled by what we learned about our spirit in traditional churches.

In clairvoyant training we start to get an understanding of our Energetic Bodies. We learning about the Chakras (energy centers), the Aura, and through a series of meditations we learn to keep our energy high and clear. We focus on Grounding or staying in the body. We also start to open the third eye so that we can see the world from the perspective of the human spirit.

Clairvoyant training progresses by raising the energy one step at a time. A typical training session will be about 1 hour in length. In the beginning Alexandra helps you clear your energy in the first part of the session, and we meditate in the second half of the session. 

We recommend our students attend the weekly meditation circle (link). This way you have an opportunity to also have a healing from one of the more advanced students or a graduate of the clairvoyant program. 

Are you curious about Energy?                                                                               


Have you ever had an intuitive experience that you did not understand?

Can you feel the vibrations of people around you at home or work?

Alexandra can help you see the spiritual significance of these experiences.



Some of the things we cover are: Spirit Guides, Telepathic Communication, Self Esteem, Relationship Issues, Seeing Colors, Talking with Family Members who have passed on.

In the first 8 weeks we will cover: Grounding, Opening the Third Eye, Seeing Auras, and Chakra Clearing.

Schedule a session with Alexandra, the training in the first phase will consist of 8 weekly sessions $395.00 and will include a Human Design Reading and an Astrological look into your birth chart.

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