Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

All intuitive healing starts in the spirit and then manifests in the body.  In order to understand why we are creating certain painful situations in our life, we need to understand the energy. Your energy is creating the same series of events over and over. Once we can identify why we are creating what we are experiencing, we can shift the energy. This gives the energy permission to release the current pattern in the human energy system.

Intuitive Healing is a process by which Alexandra uses intuition to identify patterns of internal creation. She then uses communication between your spirit and her spirit to shift the energy within these patterns. By shifting the energy within the patterns, the patterns are removed and healing energy then replaces the patterns. As the healing energy replaces the old patterns, new patterns that serve the client in present time are formed. This allows you to move on in your life creating situations more suited to the pathway of your spirit.

A typical one hour healing session will be a process of exploring your seven chakras and the seven layers of the aura that extend from your chakras. Alexandra describes to you where your chakras are and what the basic function of the chakra is. We also see many mental image pictures of what you have created, and what you are currently creating in your future. We scan your body systems to reveal any energy work that can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

You can come in for one session $95

A package of four $295

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  1. Ami grace

    Hi Alexandra,

    I wanted to join your prosperity meditation this friday morning, it sounds wonderful! I went to click on the link to join and talk fusion took me to a page where I need to put in my user name and password..Is there a way you register first to join this?I also tried the guest box, and it didn’t work. Please let me know how I can join your meditation/talk. Also wanted to schedule a time to meet next week if you had any openings for an individual session. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ami, I am sorry you didn’t make it in to the Prosperity Group. I send out new links every Thursday by listserve. All last minute changes are posted on my facebook page, and the link to my facebook page is right here on the frontpage of my website. Sign in as a guest, just put in your own name, anyone can join when you have a guest option.

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