Spiritual Counseling is not Psychotherapy. We are intuitive spiritual counselors rather than therapists. We are trained as ministers not therapists.

That said, what we offer you in the way of spiritual counseling is intuitive insight into why you are creating your life the way you currently are, and help you to create new pathways of creation. We explore what you are celebrating and what you are mourning. We explore your connections with people in your life and create new ways to communicate with yourself and others around you. We explore through meditation new skills that help you to become more alive, alert, and awake.

We recommend this process for persons who are in need of extended balancing and are not interested in developing their intuitive healing skills but interested in creating greater balance in their body, mind, and spirit.

Spiritual Counseling is recommended in a series of sessions. To truly change how you are doing things takes time. We only offer spiritual counseling in a series of not less than eight sessions. The fee for these eight sessions is $400. 00 and can be paid in monthly installments of $200.00 each month. You may continue your spiritual counseling sessions after eight weeks. You can also schedule a series of non consecutive sessions in a package of 4 sessions for $300.00. Individual Spiritual Counseling Sessions are billed at $95.00 per hour.

Currently all Spiritual Counseling Session are being scheduled with Rev. Alexandra Sherwood. Email her to schedule your series of appointments. Choose a time when you will be available each week at the same time for eight consecutive weeks. You can have your appointments in person or byskype or phone. You will be billed monthly by credit or debit card.